Sunday, December 25, 2011

Double Eyelid Tape

I always wondered how these double eyelid tapes work haha, so I bought one while I was in Korea.
I already have double eyelids and with the double eyelid tape I enhanced the eye fold.
This is how it looks!
I think it looks totally weird!! on me HAHA.

  • The tape is really sticky and it doesn’t fall off!
  • Doesn’t hurt when you get it off your lids.
  • blends well with the skin
  • cheap
  • uncomfortable
  • annoying to apply/wear
  • can’t put make up on
  • somebody can tell that there is something weird going on your eyelids haha
Before & After
SAM_8476 Kopie
> For me this double eye lid tape is a just for fun product than serious :)
People who reeally want to have double eyelids should consider plastic surgery. It’s not that expensive and you’ll have it forever !
After I removed the tape my fake eye fold was still there for the next 2 days.. ㅡ.ㅡ
I DO prefer my natural eyes ;)
SAM_9190 Kopie

Merry Christmas ♥
IMG_0371 Kopie 
I just made this picture with my new Canon 550D I got for Christmas!!~~~~ Yea~♥
IMG_0159 Kopie

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Park Bom Style

Recently a lot of people are saying that I remind them of Park Bom, but I don’t think so. It’s actually just my hair color hahabom3d
Somebody requested a “Parkbom-look”, so here you go ^_^
1.) Straighten your hair & tie a ponytail as you can see + bangs wouldn’t be bad.
2.) Pale Skin + pink lip tint
3.) Heavy black smokey eyes with fat false lashes & black circle lenses
I didn’t wear false lashes and circle lenses. Well, just in case people are hatin’ …I don’t want to be like her ;)
SAM_9101 Kopie
SAM_9099 Kopie
SAM_9116 Kopie
SAM_9113 Kopie
SAM_9117 Kopie
PS.: Here are pictures of 2ne1 and 2pm you may never have seen before ;) It was captured by XYZ in Coex 2010. 2ne1 and 2pm were promoting the Samsung Galaxy S.
SAM_4030 park bom, dara

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ready to party!!
Wearing a mask all night and dance? Well, if sweating and the non-comfortableness aren’t a problem... here you go! haha
This is how the mask looked before! ugliness for 1Euro, hahaha. My dearest tumblr-obsessed friend wore this mask during class two times ! Once with the golden mask and once with the pink one. pohahha
2011-11-09 14_wonder 
I think you can imagine how the reaction of our teacher and classmates was. hahahhaa
asya mask
For pimping the mask I used: +a black acryl color to get rid of the ugly metallic gold. +glitter nail polish to get a shiny coverage.
+Pink glitter nail polish from Etude House, feathers etc. for beautifying.
In addition I created a feather hair accessory ^_^ Just glue the feathers on a hair clip.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Summer 2011 in Korea

The best thing which happened…was .. that I got a new apartment !!!! Well I shared it with my cousin, but however I was so happy :)
One of the best views to the Han River~~ *.*
This is how the view of the Han River in Seoul looks like without all the moody clouds !~

Fangirling stuff
Let’s stalk some Korean idols….
I know I’m too old for this kind of stuff hahha, but it was actually fun lol
Mission 1: JYP Entertainment located in Abgujeong, Kangnam –> Mission failed. We couldn’t observe any eye candy, only trainees :(  No, 2pm ㅜㅜ
Though we saw some idol kids getting out of a van while walking near Rodeo. About 5 young, tall, skinny, good-looking boys. hahahha, but we didn’t knew them  :D
Mission 2: YG Entertainment located in Hapjeong –> Mission partly accomplished haha.
We saw Psy and some other singers of YG. But no Big Bang or 2ne1 (they were in Japan) ㅜㅜ xD
Me at an Art Museum in Kangnam. I’m standing in front of the work of artist Mari Kim. She also designed 2NE1’s “Hate You” ;)
Su Noraebang located in Hongdae. One of the best :)
I think an hour costs about 10.000-20.000Won depending on daytime/night. Especially during daytime you get a lot of bonus ;)
Popcorn and Ice Cream is for free like in mostly all Noraebang’s ^_^

I went a whole month to the Hacker’s Academy to get me prepared for the TOEFL test. Well, it wasn’t a delight due to insomnia.
Every day I had a lot of things to do, meet family, meet friends, go shopping, go singing. Just like holidays have to be ! But because I’m an elite student (pohahaha joking) I cannot adversely affect my education. My Hacker’s schedule was really tight 6am to 10am. After I gone to bed mostly at 1am to 2am I had to wake up everyday at 5am !. because the academy wasn’t in my area it took some time to get there. Just 4hours of sleep. It was torturing! hahaha
You wanna know what my Toefl result is? Well, I didn’t take the test yet. Being a high school senior keeps me busy. (Abitur und sou.)
Due to the heavy rain in Korea the office quarter of Kangnam was drowning for 2-3hours. It was pretty epic and shocking at the same time. :S I couldn’t believe my eyes and felt like I was in a catastrophic movie. ok, lets not exaggerate xD
SAM_8103     SAM_8107

All in all summer in Korea ended dramatically sad.
In the last night of my stay in Seoul, I met a person at Hongdae, I would refer to the term “soul mate”. I never felt so desperately in love with a stranger before. It was the first time in years my heart was filled with so much happiness…again.
While walking to the underground station he asked me out for dinner. “Let’s have a nice dinner next week. Do you like Italian Cuisine?” My response was a forced smile and a slight nod. I couldn’t persuade myself to tell him that I was leaving the very next day.
After driving the subway which parted us rapidly in separate ways I cried like a fool.
I cried for a stranger.
I cried for a man I knew for 8hours.
As I arrived to my home he texted: “We should’ve eaten something together before we went home. I’m starving.”
I went straight to bed. Being all dazzled and confused of my absurd feelings I hadn’t an easy sleep.
I texted him the fact that I was leaving the country.
“When do you come back?”
“Next year”
“...Please don’t go..”

Well, maybe I will see him next year or maybe not.
Seoul you are filled with happy and sad memories.
So, girls ! Soulmates are REAL :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chic Blue Dress


I LOVE this dress! *.* I got it from Korea~~

And the bag is from Louis Vuitton.

Please ignore the untidiness of the bottom of the dress haha