Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ready to party!!
Wearing a mask all night and dance? Well, if sweating and the non-comfortableness aren’t a problem... here you go! haha
This is how the mask looked before! ugliness for 1Euro, hahaha. My dearest tumblr-obsessed friend wore this mask during class two times ! Once with the golden mask and once with the pink one. pohahha
2011-11-09 14_wonder 
I think you can imagine how the reaction of our teacher and classmates was. hahahhaa
asya mask
For pimping the mask I used: +a black acryl color to get rid of the ugly metallic gold. +glitter nail polish to get a shiny coverage.
+Pink glitter nail polish from Etude House, feathers etc. for beautifying.
In addition I created a feather hair accessory ^_^ Just glue the feathers on a hair clip.


  1. wow it's lady A :D yeah the reactions were.... kinda stupid. oh, our classmates lost their humor, giiirl ;D i hate that ....

  2. mister waikis reaction was awesome ;D


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