Monday, April 11, 2011

Pink Gradation Nails ~ㅇ~

Once the girlfriend (maybe ex-gf?) of my cousin made my nails like this.
I think this nailart technique is pretty cool, so I wanna share it with you guys.

~Let's begin ^^~

I am using: a base coat, a light pinkish color, a bold neon-pink color and a transparent pink with glitter as a top coat. As you can see I'm using Skinfood nailpolishes which i got from korea as well as Etude.
Of course you can use any other colors which blend well together. The most important thing you need is the sponge.

Begin with clean nails and apply the base coat. (optional)

You have to cut your sponge in a size that fits good on your nails.

Apply the two colors (or more) on the sponge.

Dab it on your nails. Don't worry to be messy :D

Wait until it's semi-dry and apply a glitter nailpolish (use one which has bigger flakes) [!]

Clean up the edges and ....

You're done~

There is also another way to achieve a nice gradation which I will post.... someday :D


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