Sunday, December 25, 2011

Double Eyelid Tape

I always wondered how these double eyelid tapes work haha, so I bought one while I was in Korea.
I already have double eyelids and with the double eyelid tape I enhanced the eye fold.
This is how it looks!
I think it looks totally weird!! on me HAHA.

  • The tape is really sticky and it doesn’t fall off!
  • Doesn’t hurt when you get it off your lids.
  • blends well with the skin
  • cheap
  • uncomfortable
  • annoying to apply/wear
  • can’t put make up on
  • somebody can tell that there is something weird going on your eyelids haha
Before & After
SAM_8476 Kopie
> For me this double eye lid tape is a just for fun product than serious :)
People who reeally want to have double eyelids should consider plastic surgery. It’s not that expensive and you’ll have it forever !
After I removed the tape my fake eye fold was still there for the next 2 days.. ㅡ.ㅡ
I DO prefer my natural eyes ;)
SAM_9190 Kopie

Merry Christmas ♥
IMG_0371 Kopie 
I just made this picture with my new Canon 550D I got for Christmas!!~~~~ Yea~♥
IMG_0159 Kopie


  1. Wie funktionieren denn diese Tapes? Wobei ich finde das es an dir auch schön aussieht, egal ob naturell oder mit Tapes :)

  2. Danke :)
    Also das ist wie ein Stueck Klebeband, das man aufs Augenlid (etwas hoeher als die eigentliche Falte) klebt, mehr nicht :)


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