Friday, November 25, 2011

Hair Dye Craze

Gold, Hot Chocolate, Fire red, Pink, Sky Blue, Ash grey greeny browny…. Well, I’m a person who LOVES to experiment and try out new things. That’s why I got into the Hair Dye Craze.
Mainly I got inspired by Korean celebrities/ Kpop stars. Among Korean celebrities every , really EVERY hair color does exists ^^ But still their hair look gorgeous and not damaged at all.
Hair color Inspirations !~
(2ne1’s Park Bom)
(Big Bang’s TOP)
20101223_gdtop_131         20110321_bigbanggq16
(AA’s Aora)                                     (Secret’s Hyosung)
20111018_AA_aoora           tumblr_l9ubeytB5v1qdcwxjo1_500
(Secret)                                                                                (After School’s Nana)
Secret 시크릿   tumblr_lk0vy6PcLZ1qzv7kno1_500         
(Lee Hyori)                           (Seo In Young)
20100416_hyori_cosmo_2-467x600         20101203_elly_1
Xiaxue (a Chinese blogger)                                        2ne1’s Park Bom
P1050193                     parbomi
Well, because I’m a full-time student, I don’t want to spend too much money at the hair salon… that’s why I used drug store products~!
Before bleaching
SAM_8245 Kopie      SAM_8249
September 2011:
I only used Blonde Bleaching and it turned out blonde-orangish.
SAM_8261   SAM_8476 Kopie
October 2011:
To get nice red hair I first had to bleach my black roots.

After a red semi-permanent hair color !~ (used L’oreal Country Colors)

SAM_8524 Kopie  SAM_8530
As weeks pass by the red color slightly faded away… so I think my little hair color trip ended and I’m going back to the darkness.
But first….a nice illustration of the German flag :)
deutsche flagge
Beginning with a cassis color (Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse in Cassis Brown)
SAM_8832  2011-11-11 entrepr
SAM_8882 Kopie
..and the next step would be “Going back to black” ~ ^.^
You might think “this girls hair must be veeery damaged due to "drugstore products” –Of course whenever hair gets in touch with chemical stuff it gets damaged! My hair is more damaged than before ^^, BUT when you take good care, it’s actually not a problem. I always use,every day, an Argan Oil Treatment. I got mine from a Korean hair salon.

I highly recommend using an OIL treatment after washing hair. Especially for damaged hair. BUT avoid using a treatment which is too oily so your hair will look nasty haha :)
Please take hair care seriously :)


  1. Hello~
    I'm also a avid hair dying fanatic recently.
    I never dyed my hair until Jan 2011, and I've
    bleached it at least 6-7 times now.
    Currently my hair is a yellow blonde from natural black/dark brown hair (I am Korean ;) keke).
    I was wondering if you could do a post showing how you take care of your hair?
    It would be such a big help!
    Despite all the hair masques and "mending" shampoo/conditioners I've tried, my hair is still dry and fried from over-dyeing...
    Please help! ><
    -Hannah <3

  2. Hi!
    Yea, I just dyed my hair black today (like my natural haircolor).
    I will do another blog post about hair dying and care.
    Thanks for showing interest and visiting my blog :)


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